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How to get started and make an order?

1. Sign up
Create an account and follow the instructions in your email.
2. Finalize your account
Select your service package and add your credit card.
3. Click "New order"
Fill in address details, attach original floor plan images.
4. Receive your new shiny floor plan
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What is this service?

We redraw existing floor plans into web optimized high-quality property visualizations, which can be used in various marketing platforms: listing web site, printed brochure or share it through email. This is a password-protected online web service with 24/7 availability and main target users are listing agents.

This is subscription-based service: you pay monthly fee and get property visualizations to all of your listings (max 5 visualizations per month, extra charge for additional orders).

The actual output from our service is: Schematic 2D floor plan image which helps understanding the property. There are several options and possibilities to design and tailor your floor plans. Output format: JPG image

Basically we need only two things from you:

  1. Original floor plan file in digital format – It can be digital image, scanned document, PDF, photo of original floor plan, or even a hand drawn sketch It can also be a link to your listing page where you have your original floor plan
  2. Address for identification and geolocation

Orders are visible on a list as well as on a map, you can easily see the status of the order and ask fix requests to be done by our customer service. Welcome on board!

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